Day 1st  Thursday, 11th of July 2013
14,00 Panel I – Africa and the First World War | Chair: Ana Paula Pires

  • Anne Samson (Great War in East Africa Association), World War 1 in Africa: South Africa and its neighbours
  • Brian Digre (Elon University), The Scramble renewed: Allied war aims toward Africa (1914-1918)
  • Cláudio Forjaz (Instituto de Geografia e História Militar do Brasil), O combate não convencional na África durante a I Guerra Mundial
  • Donald Omagu (City University of New York – CUNY), “Globalization of conflicts”: a  discourse of the dispute of empires in Africa and the Great War of 1914-1918

16,30 Break
17,00 Panel II – Portugal, war and dispute | Chair: Aniceto Afonso

  • Jakob Zollmann (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin), Unlikely disputes of empires, Portugal, Germany and Ovamboland’s World War I
  • Marisa Fernandes (ISCSP-UTL), A chegada tardia da Alemanha a África nos finais do século XIX: da hesitação de Bismark à Weltpolitik de Guilherme II e ao interesse do espaço colonial português
  • António Paulo Duarte (IDN e IHC-FCSH-UNL), A outra Flandres: a Grande Guerra em Moçambique (1916-1917)

18,00 Panel III – War Memories   | Chair: Maria Fernanda Rollo

  • João Moreira Tavares (Arquivo Histórico Militar e IHC), Memórias de Guerra no Arquivo Histórico Militar: África (1914-1919)
  • Alun Edwards (University of Oxford), Europeana 1914-1918 & Crowdsourcing collections – for teaching & research

Day 2nd Friday, July 12th 2013
9,30 Panel IV Cameroon and the First World War | Chair: Anne Samson

  • Saliou Abba (Ministry on Scientific Research and Innovation), From the battlefield to cemeteries and reinstatement: a trajectory of soldiers during the First World War in Cameroon
  • Mark Bolak Funteh (University of Maroua, Cameroon), Magic and war in Cameroon: a preparatory and sustaining ingredient at the battle front during the first World War
  • George Njung (University of Michigan), Soldiers of their own: the Costal Duala and the Bamenda Grassland soldiers in the Great War in Cameroon, 1914-1914

11,30 Break
12,00 Cameroon and the First World War (cont.)

  • Jacqueline de Vries (Leiden University), The internment and repatriation of German-Cameroonian soldiers in Fernando Po, 1916-1919
  • David Aworawo (University of Lagos), The indispensable third party: Spanish Guinea and Anglo-German campaigns in the Cameroons during the First World War
  • Walter Gam Nkwi (University of Buea-Cameroon), The First World War soldiers as agents of social change in Africa: the case of Bamenda Grassfields of Northwest Cameroon

14,00 Panel V – West Africa and the First World War | Chair: Santanu Das

  • O.A. Akineyeye (University of Lagos), West Africa and the First World War
  • Joe Lunn (University of Michigan – Dearborn), Survival of the fittest during the First World War: Herbert Spencer, the French Army, and the Development of La force noire, 1890-1920
  • Ruth Ginio (Ben Gurion University of Negev), African participation in world war I and the emergence of a military colonial policy in french West Africa
  • Mahon Murphy (London School of Economics), Mutilation for a bounty ? Britain and German West Africa in the First World War
  • Joe Lunn (University of Michigan – Dearborn), Marching to a distant drummer: the enduring legacy of Senegalese military service during the First World War

17,00 Break
17,30 Panel VI – Home and abroad | Chair: Pedro Oliveira

  • Javier Lion Bustillo (University of Seville) and Julio Pérez Serrano (University of Cadis), Banwagoning for nothing ? Spain, Morocco and the Great War
  • Bjarne S. Bendtsen (Aarhus University), “Verdammte Tropennacht ohne Sterne” – navigating nationality aboard the blockade runner Marie
  • Fewzi Borsali (University of Adrar, Algeria), WW1 and its impact on the Gold Coast
  • Oluranti Afowowe (Osun State University, Nigeria), Crystalizing the Socio-Military Consequences of the Nigerian Regiment’s involvement in German East Africa Battles (1914-1918): issues and challenges for the Nigerian developmental initiatives in the 21st century
  • Donald O. Omagu (City University of New York – CUNY), Fighting at home and abroad: reflections on the Great War and African Americans’ struggle for liberation in the Twentieth Century

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